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4 Reasons Why Instagram Video Killed Vine

20 Jun 2013 | Categories: Branding. Marketing. Advertising | Posted by: admin

 1. People don’t know how to use Vine.

For months, people have been struggling on how to make 6 second looping videos worthy and relevant to their brands or just for personal use. If you’ve noticed, there are many awkward “look at what I just cooked” videos with no creativity, flair or pizzaz. Is the problem a lack of creativity? Possibly, but still usability is a challenge for the new network. Have you tried to search for someone by name or use a hashtag? With the 2 word search, its an added challenge to create meaningful, searchable tags to share your video creations.

Here’s what top marketing officials have to say on the competing video functions and their brand’s social strategy:

Kate Spade’s chief marketing officer, Mary Beech, emphasized that the company likes to have a presence on every major platform, but admitted that the “greatest challenge” with Vine has been building a new community from scratch. The company’s Vine account currently has about 13,000 followers while its Instagram account has more than 350,000.

“We are definitely going to have to sit down and decide the best way to move forward,” Beech told Mashable. “We will prioritize based on following and also based on what the medium allows us to do.”

Robert Michael Murray, VP of social media for National Geographic, was a bit more explicit. He told us his team has been somewhat confounded by Vine so far and may be more likely to double down on Instagram, where it is already one of the most popular brands.

“It’s not that we are trying to exclude one over the other,” Murray said. “It’s just the fact that we will probably have a little more traction in the beginning on Instagram, to be honest, but that doesn’t mean we are not looking at Vine.”

“Vine,” he continued, “We are still trying to figure out what is it for: Is it behind the scenes, is it pieces? What is it?” 

via Mashable : Vine Who? Why Brands are Jumping at Video for Instagram

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2. 15 seconds is long enough to tell a good story

I’ve tried to tell something cool on Vine in 6 seconds and it just wasn’t happening. The 15 seconds on Instagram seems long (if you’ve used Vine), but for brands, promoters, publicists, even for everyday PEOPLE its long enough to give proper background and insight into your message without sparing critical details. Many advertising spots have a 15-second duration, long enough for to share news, announcements or messages to your audience. The 15 second commercial have become the norm in the digital space and on social networks. Now brands can distribute these “commercials” for free via Instagram.

Article: Anatomy of the 15-second commercial

3. Everyone is already on Instagram

People are tired of new social networks. New Vine users have experienced challenges in attracting new followers. On any new social media network, there’s a learning curve for users plus the incubation stage for early adopters, lurkers (“I have a Vine, I don’t use it but I saw all of your videos)”, influencers (cool people who can showcase any video and get comments/likes such as celebrities and socialites) and social media experts (who have mastered it already). With Instagram boasting over 100 million ACTIVE users, Instagram video is easy to share, our IG networks are already established so the upgrade to video is a welcomed addition.

Article: Chris Brogran: I’m Not Into Social Media

4. Filters! We got ‘em back!

There’s been lots of talk like, “Vine videos show how uncool or unpretty you really are without a filter.” Well, to everyone hiding their flaws behind a filter, YOU WIN! To everyone who loves a good filter for a little drama, you win too. Score!


More on Instagram video below:

Upgrade your app! Try the new video feature for Instagram and tell us what you think! Is the competition for Vine or will Vine continue to grow? Which app do you like better for video sharing? Get HELP on using Instagram video so you can be great.

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    [...] observers say the two-tools scenario isn’t going to be an issue, though. At least one PR firm blogged about how Instagram’s video feature has killed Vine, within just a few hours of the Instagram announcement. Its argument? No one knows how to use [...]

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